Durable Custom Acrylic Signs

Custom your own design for your own business and companies lobby and directional signage,3D effect and acrylic signs, lightweight, shatter-resistant polymer with printing that won’t fade and obviously, branding and promoting your business.

The basis of acrylic sign is you can utilise cast acrylic solid colour as a single colour or layer them up. Examples of this are found on this website.

Clear acrylic is used a lot in making of signs with text or print on the inner side facing out to give it a 3D effect. These can also be cut into individual logos and numbers/letters.

Acrylic letters/panels can be bonded straight onto the surface or alternatively these can have stand off locators so they have the off the wall effect.

Cast Coloured acrylic available in 3mm and 5mm.

Clear cast acrylic available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm.

Our CNC cutter will cut accurately to shape your bespoke requirements.

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