Maximise Impact with Cost-Effective Superside Taxi Advertising

Our 4-panelled Superside Taxi Advertising offers unbeatable visibility on both sides of the taxi, making it ideal for high-impact campaigns. Suitable for short, medium, and long-term durations. Ensures your message reaches a wide audience effectively.

Benefits of Superside Taxi Advertising:

High Visibility Positioned at eye level, our Superside Taxi Ads are easily seen by pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. This prime placement boosts your brand’s visibility and grabs attention.

Wide Reach and Mobility Taxis are on the road driving up to 260 miles per day, 7 days per week, mainly through high-traffic city centres. Engaging vehicle advertisement ensures your message targets the local audience day-to-night.

Cost-Effective Solution Superside Taxi Advertising is a budget-friendly alternative to traditional outdoor advertising like billboards. It provides a targeted and localised approach, giving you excellent value for your investment.

Ideal for Multi-Taxi Campaigns

Enhance your brand’s presence with a multi-taxi city centre campaign. Our services cater to most cities, helping you achieve high coverage and immediate impact. Whether you need a quick promotional burst or a long-term campaign, we’ve got you covered.

At First Display, we offer a range of personalised advertising solutions, all produced and installed in-house. From Superside Ads to Full Taxi Livery and Internal Tip Seat Adverts, we ensure your message is delivered with maximum impact and precision.

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