New Printing Equipment at First Display | 20 Years in Sign Printing


In June 2024, following our celebration of First Display’s 20 year anniversary, we invested over £365,000 into new printing equipment and technology, including the Liyu Platinum Q3 XL

Our newest equipment and technology update has enabled us to produce even higher quality work, with fast turnaround times, and has opened doors to new, larger sized, and more sustainable products.



Watch the Liyn Platinum Q3 XL in action in the First Display workshop


First Display’s New Printing Equipment and its Capabilities

  • Utilises Ricoh Gen6 printheads for high resolution (up to 2,880dpi) and offers four ink droplet sizes.
  • Prints on materials up to 3,200mm wide and 50mm thick, with support for both roll and sheet substrates.
  • Equipped with a strong ‘quadro’ local vacuum for substrate stability.
  • Supports eight colours (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, white, and varnish) with UV LED curing inks that dry immediately and are environmentally safe.
  • Sleek design with a semi-transparent cover and built-in operation panel, compatible with PhotoPrint RIP and optional Caldera software.
  • Capable of duplex and multi-production printing, allowing two different jobs on separate reels in one pass.


What Does This Mean for First Display?

Adding the Liyu Platinum Q3 to our workshop is yet another way we have enhanced production capabilities in 2024. The machine allows us to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce turnaround time. 


What Does This Mean for You?

With this increased efficiency and productivity, we are able to offer high quality products and low, low prices. As a core value of First Display, we are committed to being a trusted resource in large format print, and that starts with our exceptional value and quality.


We look forward to sharing updates on our progress and exciting new projects produced with the Liyu Platinum Q3 printer and the great opportunities it will bring for our company and customers. Stay tuned!