ImagePerfect EverGreen 95-501 White Gloss

Carbon measured PVC-free film

  • Up to 5 year life
  • PVC-free film with softness and flexibility
  • High-quality recycled liner
  • Permanent, water-based adhesive

Our ImagePerfect™ EverGreen 9500 Digital products show a significant reduction in their environmental impact compared to the equivalent standard choices, evidenced by a 22% reduction in their carbon footprint. (certified: CarbonQuota 2023)

ImagePerfect EG 95-501 White Gloss is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and medium-term outdoor applications on flat and slightly curved surfaces, such as general purpose signage, outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, public transport advertising, sign systems, etc. It promotes high levels of print quality, ensuring colourful images with vibrant area infills.

The film is 100% PVC-free and yet it has the softness, flexibility and characteristics of a plasticised, PVC film. An advanced, water-based adhesive creates a strong final bond to ensure a secure, stable and durable finish. The 100% recycled liner is made from an FSC-certified base paper with a fossil-free LDPE coating that promotes excellent layflat. The core holders are made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard and 100% recycled LDPE; the cores are made from 100% recycled cardboard that are then 100% recyclable, the bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and the box is made from natural cardboard with no chemical bleaching that is sourced from FSC-certified plantations and its unique design ensures strength and integrity without needing (plastic) closure tapes.

ImagePerfect EverGreen 95-501 is produced at the Eikon factory in the UK, using only European-sourced raw materials in order to minimise the CO² footprint.

For installation, we would recommend an application temperature of no less than 10°C. Laminate with ImagePerfect™ EG 95-502 Clear Gloss.

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100% PVC Free
With ImagePerfect™ EverGreen, you get a product that’s 100% PVC-free and plasticiser-free, with the characteristics of a PVC film.

ImagePerfect™ EverGreen products are boxed in strong, unbleached cardboard made from sustainable, FSC-certified pulp, without plastic tape.

Biodegradable Bag
ImagePerfect™ EverGreen products are protected with biodegradable bags.

ImagePerfect™ EverGreen uses an advanced, water-based adhesive system that is 100% solvent-free without compromising on the performance, stability and durability that your customers expect.

We’ve gone the extra mile to source a 100% recycled, FSC-certified base paper with a LDPE (low-density, polyethylene) coating, so it’s not just the film itself that’s sustainable.

Recycling & Disposal
All ImagePerfect™ EverGreen products carry recycling and/or disposal instructions for all the individual components.

Roll Support
Roll supports are made of FSC-accredited recycled paper and low-density polyethylene, which produces a 100% recyclable material.

ImagePerfect™ EverGreen materials are coated and converted at the ImagePerfect™ manufacturing facility in Lancaster, UK, using raw materials from European producers to minimise carbon footprint where possible.

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