Aluminum Composite Panels signage

Three component construction of two outer layers of thin aluminium which sandwich a high- density insulated core.

Alumium composite panels are an excellent material for indoor or outdoor applications that require good dimensional stability, low weight, and a brilliant, sleek look.

On its own it is used as a lining to external walls in the building trade and as a sign it can be either printed direct to the surface or it can be wrapped in a digital print with laminate which will help anti scratching and have a longer life.

Two grades are common for signage:

Hoarding board grade 0.15mm skin of aluminium White one side for printing and temporary signage/advertising/for sale board hoarding or a more cost effective product.

ACP .021mm skin – heavier outer levels of aluminium and printable both sides. For a longer/sturdier sign this would be the choice.

We can also supply brushed steel effect aluminium composite. Commonly known as Butlerfinish. It is highly decorative with thin cut lines running the board length. It is utilised in many ways as a decorative panel on its own or with direct printing.

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